Find a Professional Painting Contractor in Guelph ON or Fergus ON

If you are contemplating a new look for your home, or if your paint is in disrepair, professional painting services quickly solve your problems. Professional painters can help you envision your ideas before you make any commitments, and they know how to turn those visions into reality. If you are looking for a painting contractor in Guelph or Fergus Ontario that can accomplish such tasks, Whiskey Jack Painters is here to help. We work hard to create high-quality results at fair prices.

Understanding Our Painting Services for Homes

When it comes to residential painting, there are many benefits of working with a professional. A professional can predict issues before they turn into delays, which means that your property does not become a construction site for several weeks. Also, professionals know how to accurately predict costs, giving you the assurance that you will not go over budget. They clean up, handle preparation and relieve you of many forms of stress. Professionals work hard to minimize any disturbances to your daily routine and use high-end, low VOC products that reduce odours and keep your home safe. If you need residential painting services to prepare your house to be listed for sale, or if you need them for your own benefits, we handle all the hard work for you.


This is the initial step. We discuss all your goals, needs and plans with you. Our team consults with you about your scheduling requirements, paint colour preferences and more. Based on all the details of your home and planned project, we give you a no-obligation estimate for cost and time. If you choose us as your painting contractor, we work with you to create a schedule and a completion plan that puts your needs first.


Like exterior paint, interior paint provides some protection for your home as well. It can help protect the walls from scratches, stains and moisture. This is especially true in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms where there is more moisture. If your paint is in disrepair, it is time to repaint. You can totally transform the look and feel of any room with the right paint. Whether you want to turn a playroom into a nursery, or a guest room into an office, our team can help you find the designs and colours that work for you. We can paint entire rooms, accent walls and more.


Whenever the exterior paint looks dusty, significantly stained, faded, chipped, cracked or bubbled, it is time to repaint. Although repainting has aesthetic benefits, exterior paint also helps protect your home to some extent. For example, a high-quality paint job can help prevent moisture from seeping through small cracks. Even a small amount of moisture can lead to serious damage or mold growth over time. With a beautiful exterior paint job, you can be proud of your home or make it more appealing to potential buyers. We can paint sheds or garages to match or coordinate with your home as well if you have a detached structure.

Cleaning and Preparatory Tasks

Cleaning and preparation are important parts of our painting services. Without a clean surface, paint will not adhere properly. The same is true if the surface is not prepared properly. Our painters strip, sand, caulk, patch and scrape as necessary to make surfaces smooth. They also use pressure washing to clean stains, debris and stubborn dirt on exterior surfaces. If required, primer facilitates a better appearance and helps paint bond better to the surface, getting the most out of your investment.

Eco-Friendly Painting

Today, the environment is a top priority for many people, and we are conscientious about it as well. Our team is familiar with a variety of techniques and paint types to use to minimize environmental impact. We are also conscious of VOCs and other factors, and our team will be happy to discuss any environmental concerns with you.

Why Choose Us as a Residential Painting Contractor in Guelph or Fergus, Ontario?

If you live in Guelph, Fergus or surrounding areas and need professional residential painting services, we are happy you are considering us. We have years of experience in commercial, residential, and agricultural painting, and our reputation for excellence speaks volumes for the level of customer service you can expect from us. Our team of friendly and professional painters take pride in working hard, finishing jobs on time and finishing within your set budget. Additionally, we are fully insured, giving you the assurance that you can trust the results we deliver. These are the main reasons customers choose us for residential painting services:

We understand different types of paint, as well as their characteristics and properties.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our painting jobs, and you receive a two-year warranty on our work.

We specialize in many types of commercial, residential and agricultural painting projects.

We use the latest technologies, equipment and techniques.

We are committed to meeting your needs and expectations of us.

We only send you painters who are experienced, trustworthy, fully certified and insured.

Our painters are people who take pride in what they do. They understand that you take pride in your home, so they are there to help you love your home even more. Rest assured that they show courtesy and respect to your home, your rules and your needs. Although our rates are competitive, we do not provide cheap quality, which is why our work comes with a warranty. For a free estimate on residential painting services in Guelph ON, Fergus ON or the surrounding areas, please contact Whiskey Jack Painters.