Agricultural Painting

Only the Best for Your Ontario Farm

Agricultural Painting

You love your farm, and you and your family are extremely proud of it. However, maybe it's been looking a little worn down lately. With fading colours and peeling paint, agricultural facilities can often seem past their prime.

Fortunately, a fresh coat of paint or finish added by agricultural painting contractors can work wonders for farmhouses, barns, sheds, and other buildings.


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Protecting Agricultural Buildings

Farm structures, in Ontario, are exposed to the elements throughout the year. They face unrelenting daytime sun. Snow, hail, and bitter cold can degrade them as well.

Plus, many agricultural buildings stand alone in the fields. With no other structures around to act as buffers, they absorb the full brunt of winds and weather. These winds can take a heavy toll on farmhouses, sheds, and even storage facilities.

Certainly, corrosion is common in agricultural communities. Luckily, new layers of paint and other industrial coatings can protect buildings and machinery from this type of damage. As a result, your farm will be better able to protect its stores of food and/or livestock.

In addition to corrosion, weathering can rot and warp wood. Hence, your doors can stick or stay ajar. Parts of a roof could potentially cave in, and entire walls could collapse. And those are just a few of the problems that rotting wood causes.

However, by hiring expert farm building painters, you can protect your wood and ward off rust. When metal rusts, it loses mass, making it substantially weaker. Consequently, outbuildings, red steel barns, and other metallic structures are more susceptible to damage after rusting. Similarly, metal machinery that's rusty will break more easily.

Painting your farm building interiors has safety benefits of its own. New paint can help eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and other microbes. It can also keep new microorganisms from growing and reproducing. Similarly, an epoxy floor coating is a powerful tool against microbes.

In short, when you prevent corrosion, rotting, warping, and dangerous microorganisms, your farm will be a safer place for its employees, visitors, and residents, both human and animal.

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Boosting Your Bottom Line with Agricultural Building Painting

Because professional painting will make your farm buildings look newer and more stylish, it can provide tangible business benefits as well.

When prospective customers or distributors visit your farm, they're likely to be impressed by your clean and appealing aesthetic. On the other hand, if your buildings look worn out, your visitors might wrongly suspect that your entire operation is a little substandard.

Farming is a competitive industry, after all, and alluring facilities can give you a real edge in the marketplace.

Besides that, with clean and bright farm structures, it may be easier to recruit and hire top-notch job applicants, people who will be inspired when they first see your farm. Additionally, with such attractive surroundings, your existing employees might take extra pride in their work.

As a special note, you might want farm painting contractors to paint some of your ceilings white. Since those interior spaces will then be brighter, you'll use your electric lights less. Therefore, you'll reduce your energy consumption and utilities costs.


What Whiskey Jack Painters Can Do for Your Farm

If you're looking to protect and beautify your agricultural resources, you should know that our company is a leader among local farm painting contractors.

Our headquarters are located in Fergus ON. We serve farms and other businesses in Wellington County and the Waterloo Region.

We've been in business for years, and our vast experience lets us complete any farm-related painting assignment safely and efficiently — not to mention on time and on budget. In fact, our safety record is superb, and we always take pride in our first-rate results.

Moreover, we're fully insured. And we're dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism. Our team members treat every customer with respect and courtesy.

When it comes to setting up and cleaning up, we're exceptionally meticulous about taking care of our clients' property and possessions.

We're always timely, and considerate of our customers' time. To that end, we can schedule our work on weekdays or weekends. We want to be flexible so that any disruption to your production is kept to a bare minimum.

Among our assets is a thorough knowledge of different types of paint and substrates: their unique properties and attributes. Thus, we always understand when, why, and under which circumstances to use a certain kind of paint, and we know which finishes work with which substrates.

We're equally proficient at utilizing the latest, most advanced tools and techniques in our projects. In addition, our farm building painters can tackle even the most challenging conditions.

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With all of that in mind, we at Whiskey Jack Painters guarantee our work in every case.

Are you now interested in agricultural building painting in or near in Wellington County or the Waterloo Region? If so, please feel free to call us or send us an email for more information.