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The modern kitchen is no longer an area separated from the rest of the home. You may entertain guests in the same space where you eat your family meals. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your personal style. You may have new stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops, but dingy cabinets will make the whole area look tired. If your woodwork is still functional, cabinet refinishing by a professional painting team may be the perfect solution.


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The Cabinet Painting Process

There is much more to cabinet painting than a brush and a can of paint. Years of service take their toll on the cabinet surface. Oil droplets and smoke from cooking will coat the surface and dull its appearance. Accidental bumps with utensils may scratch or gouge the wood. For the best results, you want to start with a smooth foundation.

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The first step is removing the layer of accumulated grime. After removing the doors, we carefully clean them so that the surface is ideal for cabinet refinishing. Then, the framework gets the same treatment. A clean surface will accept the paint better than an oily one.


Our kitchen cabinet painters are not ready to pull out their brushes yet. Next, they carefully examine the cabinets for physical imperfections. At this stage, we can address any scratches, gouges or other damage. The final product will have a smooth surface that looks brand new.


Cabinets in different rooms have different environments. A bathroom cabinet deals with more humidity than a kitchen cabinet. As professional painters, we understand the properties of different paints and have access to a wide selection. We will work with you to choose the type, colour and sheen that best addresses your needs.

The cabinet painting process continues as we apply several coats to your woodwork. After everything dries, the final product will have a uniform appearance and a beautiful look.


With a professional painting team, the work is not done until you are satisfied. We encourage you to look carefully for any problems with our performance. If you can find a spot we missed or any other kind of irregularity, we will make it right.

Clean Up

Before we start painting your cabinets, we carefully clean and prepare the work area to prevent any damage to your home. A few minutes of set-up time means that cleaning up is easier at the end. Clients remember when you make a mess of their home, so we always aim to leave the area better than we found it.

Benefits of Choosing Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painters

On its face, cabinet painting may seem like something anyone could do. All it would take would be a trip to the hardware store and a free weekend. However, working with experienced professionals makes a huge difference in the final product.

Professional Labor

Your time matters. Trying to handle cabinet refinishing as a DIY project will take longer and be more frustrating than hiring a professional team. Our painters arrive with specialized tools and years of experience. They can get the job done efficiently with the best possible result.

Quality Craftsmanship

People who take on this project on their own often find themselves rushing to get it done. Professionals take pride in their work. Every project is another opportunity for them to exceed your expectations.

High Return on Investment

Cabinet painting increases the value and beauty of your home with a relatively low investment. Your professionally painted cabinets will make your home more attractive and welcoming to family members and guests.

The Whiskey Jack Cabinet Painting Difference

We have a very positive reputation among our Fergus Ontario customers. Hundreds of local homes have benefited from our attention to detail and commitment to customer care. No matter the size of the project, we will give you excellent service and a high-quality result.


Dedication to Customer Service

The needs of our customers shape our work. With Whiskey Jack Painters, you can expect clear communication so that everyone is on the same page. No one wants surprises in a home renovation project. We will clearly explain our plan and share information about any unexpected changes. If there are any problems down the line, we offer a two-year warranty on all painting projects.

We want you to be comfortable with the people in your home. You can trust that we have your safety and comfort in mind.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that price is a factor when looking for kitchen cabinet painters. Our team seeks to provide top-notch painting services at a competitive price. It is not unreasonable for homeowners to expect fair treatment.

Respect for Your Time

Bringing professional contractors into your home can be inconvenient. We understand that a work crew in your kitchen or bathroom throws off the rhythm of your life. Our team will work with your schedule to cause the least amount of disruption.

Once we start, on-time results are a priority. With hundreds of successful projects behind us, we can provide an accurate estimate for when your home will get back to normal.

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Respect for Your Property

From set up to clean up, we take care of your property as though it were our own. Our team brings drop cloths and other equipment that will prevent any damage. If there is ever a problem, we are fully insured.

Whiskey Jack Painters is the team Fergus Ontario homeowners can trust with their indoor and outdoor painting needs. If you are considering a cabinet refinishing project, contact us today for a free estimate.