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Cabinet Painting

Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are major fixtures that significantly impact the atmosphere in your home. More than that, they are built-in features that demand a substantial portion of the space in these rooms. Their style and colouring may have been enticing at one time, but they may now seem outdated, dull and even dingy. Replacing cabinets is an expensive undertaking, and it is thankfully not the only way to give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh look. At Whiskey Jack Painters, we proudly provide our clients in the Guelph Ontario area with quality cabinet painting and refinishing services. Through the hard work of our experienced cabinet painters, you can see the results that you are hoping for without having to pay for a full cabinet replacement.


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The Perfect Way to Invigorate Your Décor

Depending on the type of cabinets in your space and the finish that you are interested in, bathroom and kitchen cabinet painting or refinishing may be fitting ways to breathe new life into your space. Any colour and sheen of paint can be used to suit your preferences, and the updated cabinets can be enhanced with new hardware to finish the look. There are similarly numerous gorgeous stain colors that are ideal for a hardwood cabinet transformation. Whiskey Jack Painters has proudly been renovating the cabinets in local homes for years, so you can feel confident that we know how to bring your unique vision to life.

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A Cost-Effective Solution for a Major Transformation

Replacing the cabinets in a small kitchen could clearly cost several thousand dollars, but you can attain a comparable look with substantially less cost through cabinet refinishing or repainting. Our experts can tackle the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom swiftly so that you and your family are not living in a construction zone for weeks on end. Our painting services extend to the cabinetry in laundry rooms as well as built-in features in your office, den and other areas of the home. Before you go through the stress and expense of replacing your existing cabinets, it makes sense to get more information about our painting and refinishing services and to review a quote customized specifically for your project.

Beautiful Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting Possibilities

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting and refinishing are ideal solutions for homes in the Guelph ON area that already have high-quality cabinets installed. The cabinets usually should be in good condition and may only be aesthetically unwelcome. Whether you intend to update your cabinets’ façade with new stain or paint, we will utilize high-grade materials and proven techniques so that you love the results. In fact, after our painting team has finished working on your cabinets, they will have a like-new appearance with a façade that enhances aesthetics in the room.

Our Proven Process for Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

A cabinet painting or refinishing project may initially seem like a great do-it-yourself project. However, the cabinets must be correctly prepared before the paint or stain can be applied. Additionally, the right type of paint or stain must be selected, and it should be applied using a proper technique. With our extensive experience working with cabinets, we follow a proven process to deliver lovely results to our clients. This includes safeguarding the floor and other items in the work area to prevent unnecessary damage. It also includes thoroughly cleaning the surfaces and making repairs as needed, such as by patching or repairing dings, cracks and other damages. Typically, at least three coats of the stain or paint must be applied, and the cabinets should dry thoroughly between each coat. Before we leave the work area at the end of the project, we carefully inspect our work to ensure that it is flawless.


True Professionals Who Get the Job Done Right

As seemingly simple as cabinet refinishing and painting may appear to be, the reality is that a lot can go wrong. For the greatest results, the surfaces need to be properly prepared, and the applicant and the application method must both be selected carefully. Proper techniques are necessary to make certain complete coverage is had without drips or splatters. Our cabinet painters have extensive knowledge and know how to deliver the pristine results that our customers expect. We take pride in the quality of our work, and we produce cabinets that you are proud to have in your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Painting Services Completed on Schedule and on Budget

When you hire Whiskey Jack cabinet painters to work on your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or other cabinetry throughout your home, you are assured a great experience overall. We focus intently on always providing elite customer service. Our firm is fully insured, and we back all cabinet paint and stain services with a 2-year warranty. We are so certain that you will love the results that we deliver that we guarantee our workmanship as well as your satisfaction. More than that, we work hard to complete the work up to your high standards within the schedule and cost that we originally quoted to you.

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Request a Quote for Our Cabinet Services

For kitchen cabinet painting, bathroom cabinetry refinishing and other similar services, Whiskey Jack Painters is the company that you want to hire in Guelph. Every painter on our team has the dedication and experience required to produce the finished look that you are hoping for. With our competitive rates and our solid focus on integrity, we are the team that you can trust with your cabinet project. Call our office today to request assistance.