Commercial Painting

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Commercial Painting

Nothing transforms your commercial space like a professional paint job. New paint makes your office, restaurant or store look fresh, clean and inviting. Customers, employees, and your competitors will all sit up and take notice. If you want to stand out, call Whiskey Jack Painters for the finest commercial and office painting services in Wellington County.


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Expert Commercial Painting in Wellington County ON

Does your storefront look dated and worn out? Is your restaurant turning people away because it looks dingy and antiquated? Are your warehouse’s metal doors covered in rust?

Maybe your employees are sick of flaking, peeling paint on the walls. Perhaps you’ve never felt like your workplace demonstrated your sense of style. Maybe you tried painting it yourself, but you discovered the job was more frustrating than you expected.

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Get the Experienced Commercial Painters You Need

There are many reasons to hire commercial painters in Wellington County ON. When you do, call the experts at Whiskey Jack Painters We have the knowledge and experience to paint:

Restaurants, coffee shops and diners.

Retail stores.

Dental offices.

Gift shops and boutiques.

Stores in strip malls.

Stores in indoor malls and shopping centers.

Home offices.

Auto repair shops.

Storage units.

Grocery and convenience stores.

Barns and silos

And more.


Why Should You Call a Commercial Painting Contractor?

If you need interior or exterior painting for your commercial space in Wellington County ON, stick with the experts. Here’s how we stand out.

We have advanced, in-depth knowledge of the specialty coatings and paint finishes necessary for commercial applications. Our employees take pride in their workmanship, efficiency and world-class customer service.

We Are Experts In Commercial and Office Painting

Commercial paint is different from residential paint. That’s why you can’t call a company that just specializes in residential painting.

Commercial establishments need paint that can stand up to tough daily use. Offices and retail stores need paint that can tolerate furniture and display shelves against the walls, constant traffic, outdoor fumes and indoor dust. Commercial kitchens and medical offices need paint that is easy to clean and sanitize.

Our specialty paints will hold their finish and color for years. We select the right paint for every job.

At Whiskey Jack Painters, we know there are dozens of paint types. We also know which one is just right for your interior and exterior walls.

We Hire the Best Commercial Painters

We only hire workers who can match our stringent standards for knowledge, experience, skill and commitment to customer care. Our painters are fully insured. We do this for your protection and ours. You can trust us to respect your business like we respect our own.

We Understand Time Is Money

As an independently owned company, we understand your time is valuable. We know you can’t afford any downtime.

We know you can’t just close up when it’s time to refurbish your commercial space. That’s why we:

Work with your schedule to minimize interference in your operations. We’ll work after hours, weekends, early mornings or whatever time is right for you.

Our efficient, experienced painters know how to cut time without cutting quality.

We leave our workspace clean and safe.

We work with your budget.

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We guarantee a minimum of downtime when we do your commercial and office painting. We respect your business, your budget and your time.

Outstanding Workmanship and Quality Materials

We take pride in our work, and our many satisfied customers back up that pride. We use the most up-to-date painting techniques. We use only the highest quality paint brands and the best equipment.

None of that is cheap, but we know cheap materials lead to a cheap-looking job. When we finish, you’ll see precisely painted trim, smooth brushstrokes and paint that doesn’t chip or flake. Your business is where you make money. It should look its best at all times. With the help of a commercial painting contractor, you can keep it looking that way.

Outstanding Customer Service

We are proud to offer:

A customer satisfaction guarantee.

Two-year warranty on all paint jobs.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Painting Contractor for Your Wellington County Business

Some business owners are reluctant to spend money on paint. You may even have thought about taking on the job yourself. We understand budgets can be tight but trying to paint your business yourself is typically a bad idea.

It Will Take a Lot Longer Than You Think

Have you ever tried to paint a room in your house? Trying to paint a commercial property will take twice as long. You’ll be taking time away from your business and your life. Painting is frustrating, exhausting work if you’re not an expert. We’re sure you don’t need to add this level of stress to your life.

It Won’t Look Professional

Trying to DIY a commercial paint job won’t get you the polished, professional results you want. A sloppy job makes your business look amateurish. Is that the impression you want to give? Save your energy to work on your business or spend time with your loved ones. Let our expert commercial and office painters handle the painting.

Bring Your Business Alive with a Professional Paint Job

A new paint job can make any business look like new. If you’re tired of looking at your dingy, peeling walls, give Whiskey Jack Painters a call. We’ll transform your workspace with a minimum of downtime.