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Exterior House Painting Guelph

Do you own a home or a condo in Guelph ON? And has it been quite a while since your residential exterior has been painted? If so, it's definitely worth considering the perks and privileges of paint.

First of all, when done right, a paint job will provide your home with great charm, elegance, and glamour.

If your new colours are similar to your old colours, your home's look will be refreshed and enhanced. Or, if the new color design is a dramatic departure, your home will seem completely transformed.

Either way, you can savor the sight every time you glace at your house.

On top of that, if you plan to sell your home anytime soon, you can boost its curb appeal and even its asking price with fresh coats of paint. After the painting is done, your exterior could look trendier, exactly what so many homebuyers are seeking.

Not to mention, after being painted, your home will gleam in the sun. Thus, everyone who comes to look at it will realize how well you've taken care of your property. That factor alone can be highly attractive to potential buyers.


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Three Elements of Painting Greatness

Of course, for optimal results, you need the finest exterior house painters Guelph has to offer. But how can you be sure that you're hiring the best?

The right outside house painters, above all, will treat your home as though it were their own. They'll take as much care with their work as you do with your own household projects. And they'll be just as proud of the results as you are.

When you're evaluating exterior house painters, three aspects should stand out: affordability, speed, and proficiency.

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Value for the Money

To begin with, compare painting rates in your area, and make sure that the painters you hire are charging competitive prices. There's no reason to overpay.

On the flip side, if a certain company's prices are extremely low, you should regard it as suspicious. Are they cutting corners in terms of quality and safety? Do they use inferior tools and materials? Most likely, the answers to those questions are "yes" and "yes."


The second major issue here is how fast your exterior house painters can finish your home exterior. If you want to, you could call different painters, ask them how long it typically takes them to paint residential exteriors, and compare their answers.

For sure, you should look for a company that's known for working briskly.

After all, having painters and painting equipment all over your property can interfere with your daily activities. It might even bother your pets. You'll surely want everything to go back to normal as soon as possible.

At the same time, you don't want your painters to work so fast the results are compromised.

Skill and Technique

Then there's quality. How do you know if an exterior house painting company hires the most talented and dedicated team members? Well, each company that you're considering should be able to give you photos and testimonials. There ought to be plenty of verifiable and trustworthy online reviews you could read, too.

In short, you'll want to feel confident that your exterior house painting contractor can make your home even more gorgeous and fashionable than it already is.


Whiskey Jack Painters for All Your Exterior Painting Needs

At Whiskey Jack Painters, we specialize in all types of residential exterior painting. Whether you want to paint your entire home, your barn, your porch, your silo, or any other outdoor surfaces, we're completely prepared. We have the right tools, the right experience, and the right expertise.

For years, we've been closely collaborating with our customers, taking their painting dreams and visions and making them real. Throughout each project, we offer attentive, caring, first-rate service.

For example, to anyone who wants it, we can connect you with a designer who can offer authoritative advice as far as colours, styles, and patterns. We know which paint to use with any given substrate.

Indeed, we have deep knowledge of all paints — their physical and chemical properties along with their ideal applications.

Plus, we keep up with the latest and most advanced painting tools and techniques. We're always prepared to incorporate them into our projects whenever it's appropriate.

You can also feel safe hiring us, which is of the utmost importance. Consider these points:

We're certified in working at heights and elevated work platforms.

We're fully insured.

It's definitely a relief knowing you can trust your painters.

Furthermore, we don't just talk about great customer service. We back up our promises. That is, we provide each of our customers with the following:

A customer satisfaction guarantee

A two-year warranty

A free and accurate estimate

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In short, whatever the size, shape, and height of a structure, we'll get it to look its finest.

Please give us a call at any time to start talking about schedules, colours, pricing, and more. Then, in the near future, the curb appeal of your Guelph ON home could be sky-high.