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Whether it’s time to update the exterior of your Guelph ON home or you’re just ready for a change, consider contacting a professional for residential painting services. Doing so will take the stress out of this challenging job and give your home a visual refresh.

At Whiskey Jack Painters, we specialize in painting residential exteriors. Our company is fully insured, so you can feel confident in the residential painting services that we provide. We keep our company updated with the latest exterior painting equipment and methods. When you hire us, we include a two-year warranty on our painting work for even more peace of mind.


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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

If you enjoy DIY renovation shows on television, it may seem like painting projects are easy and don’t require professional oversight. However, it’s more challenging than it looks.

For instance, the surface being painted may impact the chemistry of the paint that you’re using. Also, if the surface that you’re painting is sealed, then this could have an impact as well.

It’s important to purchase the right kind of paint for the area. Keep in mind that the paint used inside homes features a different formula than the type used for the exterior.

When you hire a professional painting company, you can feel confident that the job will be done properly. The goal of painting the outside of your home is to not only change the colour, but to also add value. By updating the exterior paint of your home, you will also increase your home’s:

Resale value

Curb appeal

Ability to hold up against the elements

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Take Advantage of Expert Exterior Painting Advice

When you repaint the interior and the exterior of your home, you’ll get to choose new colours. A professional painting company will be able to offer you suggestions and recommendations on what colour combinations look best as well as what shades are trendy or timeless.

Hiring a professional residential painting services company means that your painting technician will know how to back roll or back prime properly. They will also use high-quality paint that will offer durability.

High-quality paint will:

Spread across a surface easily without requiring extra painting effort

Apply smoothly and remain opaque when it’s a thin layer

Resist fading, chipping and flaking

Lay flat without brush marks

Not cause damage to the surface material

Our professional residential painters in Guelph ON will be able to spot problems that may be developing along the exterior of your home due to age. This may include decay or rot.

Small exterior structural issues or weaknesses have the potential to impact your home in time. When a knowledgeable paint technician detects problems like these, he or she will tell you how to fix it before painting.

If the structure problem requires more expertise than we have to fix it, then we’ll recommend an experienced construction crew to repair it for you.

Water vapor can break through an exterior structural issue and allow mold to grow or rot to form. When the outside of your home is painted with quality paint using the proper painting skills, the paint will block moisture and protect the exterior of your home from related damage.

We know what type of paint to use for your home. Regardless of what you need painted, we’ll use the right paint for the job. For instance, if the exterior of your home features stucco, then we’ll use elastomeric coating while homes with wood siding require 100% solid acrylic latex emulsion paint.


On Time Project Completion

Professional residential painters will be able to complete your project on time. When you work with a professional company, they will typically provide you with a team of painters to ensure timely completion. Also, a professional company will paint your home quickly. Hiring a professional will let you focus on the landscaping features, interior decor or the things that are most important to you.

If you were to take the DIY path to exterior painting, it would likely take you several weeks to finish the job and you may wind up with different paint tones. When you contact us for a free estimate, we will give you a time period for completion. Also, once you hire us, we’ll work together to establish the deadline.

A Safer Choice

From the ground, painting seems like a fairly safe task, but scary accidents can happen to homeowners who decide to paint their homes on their own. Professional painting companies invest in:

Safety equipment

The proper painting tools



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They make these investments to keep you and their technicians safe, preventing accidents that could have a negative impact on you and your home. Whiskey Jack Painters will have the proper equipment on hand to ensure their safety and to protect the other elements of your home while they work. With the right gear, you’ll experience better results. Professional painting companies take care of their equipment to ensure that it delivers the look that they’ve promised.

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For most people, a home is the largest investment that they’ll ever make. We know that your home in Guelph ON is important to you and that you want it to look its best. At Whiskey Jack Painters, we hire only professional technicians. This means that you can feel comfortable with our staff in your home. We believe in providing incredible customer service, and when you hire us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us for a free estimate today.