Should I Paint My House Before I Sell?

If you are looking to put your house on the market for sale, then perhaps you will be looking to recover as much money as possible from your sale. One way to considerably boost the value of your home is by making it appear and look better. There is no second chance to make a first impression. It is imperative to make your house as good as it can possibly look to ensure that it sells for a great price.

The colour of a property goes a long way to add to its overall aesthetic. In fact, once people look at a building, the first thing that they notice is the colour of the property. So, should you actually paint your house before you sell? Well… Yes! Especially when you haven’t painted it in a while or have done some remodeling on some parts that haven’t been painted.

Painting both the interior and exterior of your house before the sign goes up is almost certain to be a wise investment. A newly painted home will appear new, well cared for and very attractive.

Painting The Outside of Your Property

As mentioned earlier, you want your property to look as good as possible, even from a distance. You want a potential buyer to be charmed just by looking at your property from the outside. Curb appeal goes a very long way in increasing the value of your home. Worn out paints can be an indication of poor maintenance and this can lead buyers into thinking that your property has more to it than just bad paint.

By painting the outer walls or your property, the fences and the garage doors, you can drastically increase its curb appeal and make your property standout.

The Merits of Painting the Interior of Your Property

After you have taken care of the outside of your home, you should also consider the interior of your home. Once you have captured the attention of a potential buyer from the outside, you should aim to entice them into buying your property once they step inside. One very important way of increasing the allure of your home is to repaint it just before you sell.

Faded or old paint in the interior of your home points to low maintenance or a huge underlying problem. Buyers may not jump at the chance to buy a house that has cracked or peeling paint. It would also be wise to take off any old wallpapers in the house as they may make it appear old or very busy patterns isn’t appealing to everyone.

Colour Choice is Important

Go for neutral colours especially for the indoor painting. Don’t aim to use flashy colours as a potential buyer may likely not be attracted to your style or choice of colours. Light colours tend to open up a space, especially one that is small. So, favor light colours for your bedrooms. While bold colours can be temping for the exterior of your property, we advise that you go for the more modest option by opting for a neutral colour which will appeal to a wider range of people. Although, a little design and tweak of colours will do just fine. Just ensure that you don’t go for bold and very contrasting colour combinations, as the can discourage a potential buyer who has different tastes.