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If you are ready to repaint your home, Whiskey Jack Painters is here to assist you. In addition to exterior painting, we offer interior services. We also handle agricultural painting projects. Whether you want to give one or two rooms in your home a makeover, or you want to paint the exterior to prepare your home to be sold, we welcome you to discuss your ideas with us. We enjoy turning those ideas in a reality that you can be proud of. Our residential painters work with you on your budget and produce high-quality results for affordable rates.


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What To Expect From Your Professional Paint Job

Since you already know that you do not want to spend a fortune on professional supplies and paint to use one time, you may be wondering how to determine what a high-quality paint job should look like. There are many people offering painting services for residential structures, but they are not all the same. Producing a high-quality result is important, especially with exterior paint. The paint on the exterior of your home can help protect it when it is applied correctly. We appreciate this concern that homeowners have, and we want all our customers to love their homes even more when we are finished painting them. These are some ways to identify quality paint:

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The paint should spread evenly and easily.

It should look opaque even with a thin coat.

After the paint cures, it should be resistant to flaking, fading and chipping during its estimated lifetime.

The paint should not crack easily.

Paint should not damage the type of surface it is intended for.


How We Produce Quality Residential Painting Results

Our team takes many factors into consideration to ensure that your paint looks beautiful and lasts as long as possible. Our process starts when we consult with you, which is when we learn more about your home and your needs. After we find the perfect colour for your needs and determine the right type of paint to use for the surface, we make sure that we have more than enough to apply the right number of coats for the surface area. The planning process takes a lot of work to coordinate supplies, schedules and other factors. However, with our experience, we know how to identify issues ahead of time to prevent problems and delays. Having your home turned into a construction site for weeks is frustrating, so we work efficiently to minimize inconveniences and let you get back to your daily life.

Before we even apply any paint, we make sure the surface is ready to be painted. Depending on the surface and its condition, there may be sanding, scraping, caulking or other tasks we need to do. Our residential painting services include preparation and cleaning. Every surface should be smooth, free of chipping paint and clean before the paint is applied. If there is residue or chipping paint, it can negatively impact the longevity of the new paint. Also, it will not look good when the paint dries. With a smooth and clean surface that is primed, the paint can adhere properly to last longer and look much smoother. When we paint, we use modern equipment and the right techniques to produce professional results.

Our painters also clean up after they finish. They take special care to wrap or tape around areas or objects that will not be painted. We know that you love your home, and you only want people who respect and appreciate it to work there. Rest assured that we employ painters who are committed to delivering customer service and quality results that are second to none. We work hard to create the results you envision.

Schedule Residential Painting Services in Fergus

If you are looking for residential exterior painting or any of the other painting services we offer, we welcome you to discuss your plans with us. We have years of experience in residential painting, and we are always pleased to have the opportunity to serve the people in our community. Our work ethic and customer service policies have earned us a good reputation in the area, and we strive to maintain that by continuing to deliver high-quality results and dependable service. These are some benefits of working with Whiskey Jack Painters:

Our team specializes in all types of residential exterior painting.

We are fully insured to give you the peace of mind you need.

Our painters understand all the unique characteristics and properties of different types of paint.

We are familiar with all the latest techniques for painting and equipment.

Our paint jobs come with a satisfaction guarantee that is backed by a two-year warranty.

We only hire painters who are fully insured, experienced and certified.

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Our residential painters do not cut corners, but they work efficiently since they are skilled and equipped with the right tools for the job. You can rest assured that they will finish on schedule and stay on budget. Also, they will take time to learn about your specific needs to ensure that they are respectful of those needs when they arrive to paint. We will be happy to consult with you on your scheduling needs, paint colour ideas and more. For answers to any other questions, or for a free residential painting estimate in Fergus, Elora and surrounding areas, please contact us.